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Doctor Stranger Score

I’ve listened to the score and ost of Doctor Stranger, but it seems there are some missing. Does anyone of you know the names of the following scores?

They both (for example) appear in episode 10. The first one is when Cha Jin So searches the house of Park Hoon and after Jae Hee’s apartment. Before that, the Secretary of the Premier asks another guy if the body [Cha Jin So] really couldn’t be found. It often plays when Cha Jin So is involved or generally any North Korean plot.

The second one is in the same episode after the Secretary gets yelled by the Premier because Hoon nearly told the President what was going on. The Secretary guy then sits in the hospital and the score starts while he remembers the things the Premier did.

Does anyone know them, please?


Toby graduated that police academy in like 3 days

have you every seen the police officers there? they have statistically -100 closed cases

Mona’s death must have a purpose.

For those who firmly believe Alison can’t be A: Mona died because she told the Liars that she had prove Alison is part of it. If there was absolutely no truth to it why would A kill her? Or for those who believe Mona went into hiding, why would she suddenly do so when she told the Liars she would show them prove? There has to be some truth behind it, otherwise her death would be meaningless and I doubt that Marlene would let Mona die such a meaningless death. If one deserves a death with good purpose it’s Mona.

And even if in the end she isn’t A, it doesn’t matter because we saw in the last episodes what a bitch she still is and you know what? I love it. Finally back to the roots. Alison is not made to be the good, needy and whiny cry baby, she is made to be the most uniqe Liar of them all. I’m happy that they follow the books in the real important plots and even if she doesn’t have a twin, at least she should be the manipulative bitch the show began with.

Anonymous asked: You are overdoing it with saying their chemistry was great. I read her lines lessened because there was little chemistry with the three leads of the Heirs.

AH. Could it be your the same anon just writing me twice?? It seems suspicious that I have always two asks in a short time from the same “two” anons with the same type of argument written.
Why am I overdoing it? I personally think they have great chemistry (great chemistry, great chemistry, great chemistry, great chemistry, great chemistry, great chemistry, great chemistry, great chemistry, great chemistry, great chemistry, great chemistry, great chemistry, great chemistry, great chemistry, great chemistry, great chemistry). And I’ve read and saw that KIm Woo Bin And Kim Ji Won think they have great chemistry and want to work in a romance together. I think I believe my own eyes more than what those shipper based translators sometimes translate. I’ve read a lot of false information there. But give me the link please? If that was said than it must be all over google when I search for it? And if you have please give me the Original interview too (Only if possible of course). It’s not changing my view because it’s not Kim Ji Won’s fault if the chemistry came across as bad, but rahter the character’s fault. Rachel Yoo is cold hearted and therefore it’s hard to have any chemistry with her. Of course that wasn’t easy. That doesn’t mean the actors and actresses have overall no chemistry. But I must say it’s true with Lee Minho, they don’t really fit. Park Shin Hye is okay-ish but I think Kim Ji Won and Kim Woo Bin fit really well and had great chemistry, especially since Rachel was a really complicated cold hearted person. And I loved her and Lee Jong Suk in High Kick 3. I’m not saying you should ship it or am trying to make you, if you don’t like it than just ignore my posts because it’s not gonna stop me from wanting this.

And because I like this gif, here it is again:


I’m sorry if I was rude here anon, really, but this just feds me up real bad, because it’s my opinion and I don’t really give a shit about what non shippers of those want. Go in your own circles and discuss your anti Kim Ji Won hate there please or at least be nice about it when asking me. Otherwise like you see I can be real shitty too.

Anonymous asked: I'm not suggesting a gay movie with Jongsuk and Woobin oh my gosh. A friendship movie like school 2013, there was no love triangle there. Why make their drama generic and follow the typical kdrama storyline? If they were to be in a drama it can't see Jiwon in it, I would much rather see an actress with better skills. She acts the same in her four dramas she's been with, I tried "giving her a chance." They only said they had chemistry to be nice. Kim Eunseuk didn't see a spark ending the line.

And I’m not suggesting one either? I don’t know what your point here is. I just said that a chance like a pure friendship drama with these two again is a slim chance and that there will always be a love interest between those two. I’ve never adressed anything of a gay movie. I just said that if you are one of those who shipped them, not to object it because you do. That was one simple sentence and I didn’t accuse you of anything. This can be seen from either side. I think she has great chemistry with him and he with her and I’d like her to be in it. What’s wrong with acting the same? Park Shin Hye acts the same too. And I still think her acting in Heirs and for example To The Beautiful You was different because the characters were different in personality. She couldn’t act the same. And why would they say something just to be nice? They could have dropped it alltogether because there aren’t a lot of Rachel/Young do fans and why addressing her on the sbs awards? They didn’t have to do it because they don’t have a lot of fans who see their characters romantically. This was unnecessary if it was to be nice, because it wouldn’t have gained them anything. It would only make sense if they really thought so, because they want to be cast again [meaning why he greeted her like that on sbs awards]. You can’t decipher that it really means. You don’t know if it was because Eunseuk didn’t see a spark there. Give me the article that states that and if it does, please give me the Original one too, because I don’t trust those translations since they were often done wrong. I get you don’t like them together or Kim Ji Won so your opinion is based on that but that isn’t the case with me. I get that Kim Ji Won is not that popular of an actress but in my eyes she has a lot of potential. And just thinking that Eunseuk didn’t like their chemistry doesn’t mean anything if the actors do. Do you know Klaroline (Klaus Mikaelson and Caroline Forbes from Vampire Diaires), they have a fucking huge fanbase and Julie Plec doesn’t like it (Producer of TVD) and the actors don’t really ship it anymore too and still they don’t give up. So what if Eunseuk doesn’t like it? Kim Ji Won and Kim Woo Bin like their chemistry and there are still fans who like it too, otherwise it wouldn’t make any sense, this niceness you speak of when talking from each other. Just don’t reply if you don’t like it, because it’s not changing my mind. Just because you don’t like it doesn’t make the facts disappear that they try to show that they have chemistry to be cast again. It makes no sense that they do it out of niceness because it would do him more if he did this niceness towards Park Shin Hye, because people loved those two and they have a lot of fans, but he didn’t. So just leave it alone, especially since your asks are having a rude undertone. It’s my opinion, live with it.


Anonymous asked: I don't want a movie with that girl, I want to see those two men, Jongsuk and Woobin, again like on school 2013

I get that there are a lot of people who ship them as a couple (I don’t know if you are one of them anon), but I think it’s time to finally draw a line there. They have both undeniable talent and are fantastic actors, their friendship is so great it’s even potrayed and influences the chemistry of two characters. I loved them in School 2013, but still I have to say as friends. I know how akward it must be for them to always speak about those gay rumors. They are friends, great friends and that helps them to create a great drama. That’s why I want to see those two again in a drama, but there is rarely a drama where there isn’t any love interest. School dropped it because it was not helpful to the plot, but that’s not the case in 99% of the dramas. They focuse on love triangles and no matter what, Lee Jong Suk and Kim Woo Bin probably have to stay in a drama with a love triangle. And since both worked pretty well with Kim Ji Won, I think it’s perfect. I loved High Kick, Lee Jong Suk and Kim Ji Won were really good and even Kim Woo Bin and Kim Ji Won aknowledge their chemistry they had on Heirs and want to work in another Romance. Just give it a chance. Rachel Yoo was a very stiff and cold character and still the chemistry in their scenes was undeniable there. She was afraid to work with him because he is such a great actor and had a lot of respect for him, still has and that’s why it seemed something awkard behind the scenes and in the beginning of the drama, but she played that cold character really well. Imagine you have to play such a character with one of the best actors out there, especially if that character [Rachel Yoo] is really bitchy and not nice towards his character [Young do]. She had to have a lot of confidence to play such a complicated role in front of him. That’s why I think a drama with these 3 would be fantastic, they all had a chance to work together individually and could show off their greatness in one single drama. Just give it a chance.

Anonymous asked: Are you crazy? Woobin and Jiwon had zero chemistry that's why the screenwriter for Heirs barely gave them scenes. She was too stiff.

They actually had great chemistry. Kim Woo Bin and Kim Ji won even said afterwards they wanted to make a romance together due to their great chemistry. She wasn’t too stiff, it was her character. Rachel Yoo was played as a little bit frigid (it seemed), cold-hearted person, not knowing how to really handle love matters. Of course she was afraid to work with him, because she knew what great of actor he was, but overall they had fantastic chemistry. They played their roles perfectly and every scene they had was unpredictable because Rachel and Young do both very were wicked characters. I don’t see how they should have given them even more scenes, the plot didn’t really give it away for them to have more scenes and that has nothing to do with chemistry. There are a lot of dramas where the chemistry was undeniable and the characters still had less scenes then they deserved and/or didn’t end up together. Seeing as how Woo Bin and Ji Won both aknowledged their great chemistry and he even greeted her on the SBS awards with “Hello Sister”, I think he knows that there are fans who see this chemistry and like it a lot. And Kim Ji Won and Lee Jong Suk were great in High Kick, I really loved their scenes. Well I think I don’t need to speak about Woo Bin/Jong Suk, they absolutely have a great friendship which gets potrayed in a drama.

Can I like demand this, please? This would be the best drama ever, because those three have such great chemistry. Please let somebody see the glory of this and make these three leads of a drama.

Can I like demand this, please? This would be the best drama ever, because those three have such great chemistry. Please let somebody see the glory of this and make these three leads of a drama.